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Changing the World of Racing with Highflyer Pigeon Breeds 

The world of pigeon racing has always been an exciting one – but now, it’s time to bring everything to a whole new level and make the game even more interesting.

Highflyers, pigeons that can reach altitudes of over 800m and spend 14+ hours in the air, are definitely among the most interesting and exciting pigeons in races. But because they fly so high, they are practically invisible to the naked eye, and it’s sometimes hard to follow just how good they really are.

So up until now, racing them has been a bit like throwing a dice. The results of the competitions were often very subjective and the best pigeons didn’t always end up on the podium. But that’s about to change with the revolutionary AviRings Highflyer Ring.

Join Highflyers in the Sky with AviRings Highflyer Ring

Highflyers compete both in the time they spend in the air at a certain altitude as well as in altitude they manage to reach. But because they fly so high and because referees have nothing but their eyes to determine their altitude, the system is far from perfect.

Subjectivity when determining the altitude of the pigeons is just part of the problem, there are many other issues that make the entire process more difficult. 

The number of pigeons in the flock, the color of the pigeons, size of the pigeons and their breed, location of the sun, color of the sky (different shades of blue and white), air humidity and many other factors also influence the final result. Not to mention the fact that the entire system is based on the referees being impartial – which unfortunately isn’t always the case.

From now on, a completely objective and incredibly precise system will be available to accurately measure the time spent in the air and the altitude reached by highflyers on races – and it’s transmitting data in real time. Join us as we take highflyers pigeon racing to a whole new level.

When the Altitude is No Longer a Limit

Highflyers can reach incredible altitudes and fly unbelievably far – they can spend up to 22 hours in the sky. This makes racing them one of the most exciting opportunities in the world of pigeon races, but up until now, the excitement has been hindered by numerous limitations that we already mentioned.

Now, the altitude of the pigeons is no longer a limit, as we can easily and precisely track pigeons in real time no matter how high in the sky they go with AviRings Highflyer Ring. We are certain that this innovation will be a game changer that will forever alter the world of highflyers racing and make competitions a lot more exciting.

All the data received from the rings can be followed live on AviRings Results. This means that you can follow the altitudes and flight time at a certain altitude reached by pigeons in real time, which brings an additional dimension of excitement to this popular sport.

Revolutionary Product in the Field of Highflyers Racing

The AviRings Highflyer Ring brings a number of exciting benefits into the world of pigeon racing.

  • Superb precision of measurements for reliable and accurate results 
  • The results can be available online in real time and logged in the app
  • Availability of referees is no longer an issue when organizing races
  • Results are easily comparable among different clubs and countries
  • Different breeds of pigeons can compete among each other
  • Competitions can be organized when the weather conditions are optimal
  • Super-light ring with universal fit ensures easy use

Technical Details

  • Weight of the ring: 4g
  • Battery life with single charge: up to 30hrs
  • Signal range: h=1500m, d=5000m
  • Altitude measurements precision: 1 m
  • Universal fit of the ring (up to 11.5mm)
  • Altitude measurement available for dozen of pigeons at the same time

Review of the Highflyer Rings

Everything You Need in One Single Set

Absolutely everything that you need to start is included in the AviRings Highflyer Set. The set is composed of the following items:
•    10 AviRings Highflyer Rings
•    20 dummy training rings
•    Charger/receiver station with cord

The only other thing you need is a device that will be used to transfer and view data on. This can be an Android smart phone, PC, laptop or a tablet computer with internet access. 

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Let’s Reinvent the World of Highflyers Racing Together

AviRings Highflyer Ring is a new revolutionary product, bringing a huge change into the world of highflyer pigeon racing. The process will naturally take time as these kinds of changes always happen slowly, but we are excited to take this very first step.

Join us on this journey! Try out the AviRings Highflyer Rings today to experience the advantages it brings and the advancement it will enable. The future of highflyers pigeon racing starts right here.

AviRings Highflyer Rings – A Revolutionary Way to Compete

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